Help your business users manage Amazon Connect





Empower your Amazon Connect

Business Users

Use our tool etc to manage the day to day changes in the Contact Center such as setting holidays, changing prompts, adding spam callers to a block list. Manage Voice Mails and view pending call backs.

Business Agility for Amazon Connect

Give your contact center and business users the capability to quickly manage their Amazon Connect solution. Our tool etc provides:

  • Ability to manage
  • Prompts
  • Holidays
  • Block Lists
  • SMS messages
  • Voice mails
  • Callbacks (agent first and customer first)
  • Campaigns and list management

Business and IT users can also see:

  • Streamed agent logs
  • QOS data
  • Backup sets
  • Audit trail data for changes made within etc
  • Rollback changes made within etc
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